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The Escort Chronicles: Pet Play

Ms Olivia Sinclair

Author: Ms Olivia Sinclair

What is ‘pet play’ in a BDSM sense?

I frequently refer to myself in a feline sense; I call my hands and feet my ‘paws’ and annotate my written word with phrases like “I purred”. I’m also someone who has always referred to my lovers as ‘kitten’ ‘pooch’, ‘pig,’ ‘panda’ and more. Although these examples are simply a language choice and my way of being affectionate without any BDSM connotation, pet play was an obvious and natural kink for me to fall in love with

Recently, the glimpses of pet play I share on social media have inspired more of you to embrace your obedient side, therefore a more structured piece on the topic seemed overdue.

What is pet play?

Pet play – which is similar to animal play – is essentially a type of sexual role play where you adopt mannerisms of the animal that you’re impersonating. I prefer the term ‘pet play’ over ‘animal play’ for two main reasons;

Firstly, a pet is a person’s property, therefore it instantly creates ownership, a distinction and power dynamic between us; I am a human and you my creature. You look to me for training, reward and punishment.

Secondly, my style isn’t of full-on animal role play, you’ll still retain your ability to speak (and other things) as I’ll require you to. For example, when you beg for my abuse and clearly articulate “thank you for your attention Olivia”.

One of the benefits of pet play is it removes any sense of ‘getting it wrong’ because I give you explicit detailed instructions to simply follow throughout our encounter. This is alluring to some because it gives you a break from having to make decisions or from being in control.

I know, I know, but just in case; pet play has no relation to real animals. I of course have no sexual attraction to actual dogs, cats and pigs (or any animal). This is a form of fantasy role play between two (or more) consenting adults. My actual pets are for PG snuggles only. Equally, any type of abuse of true animals or pets is abhorrent. I abuse my human pets with their consent, for their pleasure and within their limits only.

Ms Olivia Sinclair

What pet am I?

Well firstly that heading has made me want to make a BuzzFeed-esque quiz to find out what type of pet you are based on your levels and interests… but thankfully I don’t have the functionality or patience to create that.

I have a self-invented scale from kitten, puppy and piggy which ranges from sensual domination to pain play humiliation and watersports. The scale is, however fluid dependent on our mood. Its purpose is to help you articulate where you sit at that moment verbally to guide my approach with you on our date. It has also been useful for those who are new to BDSM to see what turns them on or makes them think ‘hell no’. Understanding your likes, dislikes and limits is an essential part of communicating with your partner (or paid companion) effectively. This can always change overtime, so communicating your limits and interests on each date allows us to evolve and build trust; an essential ingredient in a dom-sub relationship, (and any relationship!).


Kitten tends to be sensual domination with a very nurturing, affectionate approach. I will use you for my sexual pleasure but with lots of reassurance, guidance and affection. We can also play with themes like grooming; we may wash and massage each other in a way that still has a light power dynamic upheld.


Puppy or dog is sexual domination with a strong focus on training. I will teach you how to properly please a woman, perhaps ask that you demonstrate how you think I want to be pleasured then teach you how to do it properly. If you already know the basics I may reward you, and if you’ve reached the age you’re at now but can’t find my clit or have no idea what to do with it I will punish you. Punishment and reward with medium to hard pain play depending on your preferences is a strong theme here. We can also explore cute elements such as walking you on a leash, playing fetch, drinking or eating from a bowl on the floor and sitting with your paws up and tongue out, woof woof.

I like to be quite rough with my puppies and watching your flushed cheeks and messy hair while you devotedly try to please me. As with piggy, I also like the contrast of switching between being very sadistic and affectionate. The soft, nurturing side of pet play is a very compelling ingredient for me.


I reserve piggy for people who are already experienced in BDSM or who describe themselves as deeply submissive. This is much more centred around humiliation and turning you into my filthy piggy with no holds barred. I will use your entire being for my own pleasure, if you’re good enough or I may decide you won’t be able to pleasure me and simply abuse you instead. Beyond pain play I may reduce you to your face to become a lubed up sex toy to use in a demanding, invasive manner.

I’ve gone from turning down bookings that asked for watersports (!) to absolutely loving it, and (behind pet play and facesitting) it’s now one of my favourite kinks. I really enjoy the eroticism of peeing on my subs naked cocks or in their mouths, and as piggy it’s pretty much guaranteed.


Beyond my kitty>puppy>piggy scale, you can of course be really any animal that takes your fancy regardless of if they’re a typical pet. For example, pony play is a particularly popular theme within the BDSM community and I can see why. This particular ‘pet’ lends itself well to gorgeous aesthetics and attire and is one I’d like to explore more. The thought of adding a luxurious leather human-sized bridle to my collection, perhaps even a saddle and restricting the use of your hands with leather hooves sounds incredibly sexy. I am not into pegging, (although who knows a year from now I might be), but a pony butt plug is too cute to miss out on here. Also, the pony lends itself to gorgeous whips and training scenarios. If you’re a submissive with the budget and apetite to add this to my collection, let’s discuss!


Speaking of butt plugs, I have explored pet play in a submissive capacity before with a client and for this I played fox, wearing a leather body harness, thigh high boots and glass but plug complete with fox tail to match my mane. This was incredibly sexy and I do think with very select partners I would enjoy more pet play escapades in a submissive capacity.

On a very hot recent first date, I turned a ‘new to BDSM’ date into my pet puppy. After collaring him and taking him for a walk around our suite we ventured out onto our private terrace. I enjoyed a languid glass of champagne dressed in one of my favourite-ever new latex outfits while he, nakedly leashed on all fours – with his face and hair covered in lube from being my toy and cheeks flushed from slaps – enthusiastically kissed my feet in the moonlight. He promptly booked a second date a few days later in which, once I had abused his pretty face enough to look dishevelled, sat him collared in front of a large floor length mirror and asked him if he was yet good enough to be considered my pet puppy “I hope so Olivia”. I decided he was, which I rewarded by peeing all over his naked penis and rubbing it into his lips with my latex gloves, marking him as my newest pet pooch.

Ms Olivia Sinclair

Does pet play need to be humiliating?

No, but if you’re playing with me there’s a 90% chance it will be simply because humiliation is part of my dominance style. If you don’t want the humiliation element this is of course, fine. However but my natural tendency is to use the things that I know you’re either a little ashamed of or proud of as part of the dialogue e.g. I may mention your prestigious job while peeing in your mouth. One of the reasons I sense I am good at verbal humiliation is because I do the things that sit within the space of turning me on but I know would make me feel uncomfortable. My words aren’t so sharp they’ll make you bleed, but sharp enough to leave a mark. I also enjoy making you look messy, roughing you up and reducing you to a sex toy. These are the things that my submissives often say are very memorable afterwards and enable them to enter a deeper less superficial or performative sub space.

Do we need extensive props and costumes?

No. It could be because I have a vivid imagination but I am not much of a prop person (minus that new pony fantasy). I have an incredible fetish wardrobe and I always dress in stunning latex, leather or other fetish clothing, but I don’t really require my dates to ‘dress up’ unless that’s something you’re specifically into.

I tend to get my pets to strip off for me before fastening them into a leather collar, cuffs and leash. Nakedness and having your body accessible to me is another stylistic choice of mine that I would find very revealing and invasive if I was playing sub which is why it turns me on. I also love restraints and sometimes whips and canes, but generally, it’s more about power dynamics and our physical and intellectual selves. I don’t like to dilute this with too much ‘stuff’.

However, something that’s worth investment is your collar, I have my own gorgeous items that I can use on you, but if you’re new to BDSM I recommend sending me a voucher to purchase your own, or we could go shopping together to get you one.

Ms Olivia Sinclair

This all sounds so hot, minus the pet bit….

The principles of pet play can be explored sans the pet element if that’s not your thing. We can apply the same approach with a different roleplay such as military, nun, CEO, boss or even less typical dynamics. Equally the same exploration can be used with no roleplay at all where you are simply my eager-to-please loser plaything. I love to include the fact you’re paying me and this can all be included without putting your paws up.

So there’s your introduction to pet play, did you read this and find yourself resonating with or wanting to explore any of it?

Author: Ms Olivia Sinclair