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“People know me as Loviante and I’m an artist based in Bucharest, spending part of his spare time creating digital illustrations that depict fetish scenes. I’ve always been passionate about... Read More
The Garden Of Good And Evil
An anonymous Berlin-based illustrator exploring eroticism, gender fluidity, BDSM and other archaicsexual taboos in society. In her drawings, themes of power, fantasy and identity emerge in ways thatare meant to... Read More
Charli Chérie
Raised in an antique dealer family, art has always been present in my life since my earliest age. When I was a little girl, I was already fascinated by Ingres... Read More
Izzy Garcia
My name is Izzy Garcia, I am an Illustrator, Painter and Lover of what I best describe as Fetish Pulp Art. I Currently reside in Downtown Los Angeles but I... Read More
“I’m Clitopatra, a solo-poly bisexual erotic artist. I fuse my synesthesia with eroticism into art, for both censorshiop & artistic purposes. They appear as colored clouds around the body. I... Read More
Magdalena Piech
My name is Magdalena Piech and I am a Polish-American artist based in Berlin. My work weds graphite and paper to summon the themes that drive me — the vulnerabilities... Read More
Karina Akopyan
Karina Akopyan’s work features painting, photography, sculpture, installations and a selection of costume pieces. The series is a bold questioning of tradition, religion, ritual, iconography, sexuality and fetishism – in... Read More
Paul Josepth Vogeler
Paul Joseph Vogeler was born in Columbus, Ohio. He was educated in architecture and design before finishing his degree in fine arts at the School of Visual Arts New York... Read More
The Baron - Love Doll
Performance artist The Baron (Baron of the Universe) aka photographer Baron of Juxta Concept was born and raced in Helsinki Finland and has been making name in sideshow and freakshow... Read More
ellehell - grab it
“For me women are the greatest source of inspiration. Their bodies, their minds, their strengths and their weaknesses, their fears and their wishes – their whole being. With my work... Read More
“His work is theatrical, his style is unmistakable and provocative. It is all about modern society via exaggeration and controversial topics: race, gender and the concept of beauty” – Marie... Read More
Juryslaves - Art
“My name is Jury, I’m a make up artist and a graphic illustrator from Milan. I started create digital collages around 2 years ago, I like the way you can... Read More
Janevsky - Art
Visions of women playing in Eden. Sometimes with robots. Sometimes with tentacles. Never with men. Janevsky’s drawings are exploring strange desires and fetishism. It seems some people love this deviant... Read More